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SS VERT Attached business for knitting machine

Demand for accessory for knitting machine has been steadily increasing. To cope with this, we have developed a new brand called SS VERT four to five years ago and are constantly promoting it. It is an important business field that aims to establish a lineup of supplies for the knitting machine through SS VERT and to make it generalized in the knitting business part.

  • BELT

    The recliner belt is mainly divided into a feed belt and a gearbox (Layer speed changeable wheel).

    Normally, belts for recirculating belts are referred to as feeding belts, and they are divided into punching type and timing (tuts) type.


    There are several types, but in the case of the sorter, it is largely divided into a punching belt and a tie-mill belt.

    The bearings and wheels inserted in the sprayer are mainly worn out and have a punching type of 3 years and a timing type of 5 years or more.


    Refers to a blowing device that blows up yarn dust or dust that occurs when knitting cotton.

    The use of flutter blowers is increasing because of the large amount of needle breakage and defective fabric caused by the yarn waste.


    It is responsible for minimizing the friction between the needle and the cylinder in the knitting machine rotating at high speed and reducing the consumption rate between the parts.

    Maintains the quality of the fabric produced by lowering the high temperature generated during operation of the machine.


    It refers to the marking pen on the fabric to grasp / trace the production history after production of the fabric.

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